Surf-Skateboard Deck for all Adapters

7-ply Canadian hard rock maple epoxy resin deck with three colored plies. Mellow concave 9.5” wide 21” wheelbase, super fast and nimble.


The BooyahBoards Story

Developed for serious shredders and heavy abuse.

Believing in shreddability and tired of Surfskates having a high center of gravity, I wanted to ride Surf-Skateboards that are competition level. BooyahBoards are lower and more lightweight than regular pool setups. They can turn on a dime and are super quiet.

Built for Lip Tricks and Skateparks you can use them for Downhill Carving, Flatground and Ollies, too. Because of the patented CNC machined 360-One precision Surf Truck, BooyahBoards Surfskates have way more flow than other Surf-Skateboards and offer lots of lean.

Coming with a big bag of new & fresh tricks!

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